Specialist militaria auctioneers ?

One of the collecting fields which remains buoyant is that of War memorabilia or “Militaria” .

By finding this page you might be surprised to learn that specialist dealers such as our selves will equal or better prices recorded as having been achieved in “Militaria” auctions .

What does that mean in financial terms ? By selling directly to dedicated professionals who have established customers you will achieve more money than by risking selling at Auction .

We willingly offer to pay the Auction Hammer price recorded for very similar examples to those items you have. We will provide sellers with links to identical items which are recorded as having been sold so you know you are receiving the correct offer .

You will avoid the potential disappointment of damage to your items or failing to reach the correct price. You will not have deductions taken by the auctioneers for their services .

Time and time again we acquire WW2 items from those who unlike ourselves buy at auction .

If we pay £1000 for an item which has been acquired at auction then we might as well pay it directly and immediately to you . Why you may ask do we want to buy directly from private sellers?