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Antique Jewellery Dealers

In Arundel West Sussex.

David Mattey of “Antiques & Militaria” Is A Highly Experienced Buyer And Dealer In Antique And Modern Jewellery  ..

The Prime Position Of Our High Street Shop Attracts Thousands Of Wealthy Buyers From Around The World.

Why Sell To A Middleman?. Sell Directly To The Store In The Centre  Of Arundel High Street..

When We Buy Antique Jewellery, Sellers Will Be Pleased To Know That They Will Routinely Receive  Up To 50% More Than They Might Achieve At Auction..

Why? Well That Is Easy. Auctioneers Charge The Buyer 25% “Buyers Premium”On Top Of The Hammer Price ..Yes I Know It Sounds Hard To Believe But It Is Entirely True .

Customers Are Cleverly Duped Into Believing That Auctions Are Fare And Democratic Institutions.

South Africa Medals

Today It Is Far Better To Conduct A Little Homework Before Selling Directly To Dedicated Professionals … Those In A Prime Position To Sell To End Users Rather Than To Middlemen.

..Next Time You Visit Arundel Why Not Call In A Speak  Directly to Me David Mattey About Gold Diamond, Sovereigns,Half Sovereigns, Rings, Bangles, Jewellery ,Watches,Emeralds,Topaz,Garnets ,Ruby,Wrist Watches ,Pocket Watches,15 ct ,9ct, 18ct  Or Call Now on 01903-884602

Regardless Of Where You Live Remember Our Services Are International .. By Taking Some Pictures On Your Mobile /Cell Phone And Texting Them To +447860747027  I Will Give You An Immediate Offer/Valuation ..Alternatively If You Have Time Send The Images Of What You Have In An Email To Me At  

Toovy’s Ban On Nazi Militaria

 Toovy’s  Auctioneers Have Decided That Selling WW2

German Militaria

Is In Conflict With Their Director’s Theological Duties .

Combat Dealers

Toovy’s Ban On Nazi Militaria

 In the Light Of A Spontaneous Protest Against  Antisemitism In London Items Bearing The Nazi Sybols Cannot Be Submitted At Toovys For Sale..


Rupert Toovy Has  decided That Profiting From

The Nazis Is Not Appropriate Pastime For Somebody With A Second Position As A Man  of The Cloth .

 As A History Buff And Militaria Specialist I Would Be Delighted To Provide A Selling Platform For All WW2 Combat Collectables ..

So Weather You Are Selling A Luftwaffe Dagger Or A Kreigsmarine Flag I Believe That I Have The Appropriate

Destination For You Collectors Items ..

From My Own Experience The Passion For Collecting Military Awards And Insignia Is Healthy And Should Be Separated From Politics ..

Our Fathers And Grandfathers Returned From Europe And the Far East Brandishing Trophies In The Form Of  Captured Enemy Regalia..

Decades Of War Films And Documentaries Have Kept Alive The Second World War As It Continues To Fascinate Successive Generations ..

At Antiques And Militaria In Arundel High Street We Are Sensitive To The Issues Relating To Tasteless Of Nazi Memorabilia. So Don’t Worry Our Store Has The Word Militaria In The Title And Even If You Missed The Sign All The Militaria Is At The Very Back Of The Shop .. Only Those Intent On Seeing Say An Iron Cross Or Army Dagger Will  Find Them.. Only Somebody Who’s Aim It Is To Be Offended Will Might Have The Opportunity To Be Offended.

5% introductory commission paid for militaria leads!