(this applies to everything we are interested in buying from you)

Our payment policy is safe. Overseas sellers receive advanced/Pre-payment into their “Paypal” before being expected to dispatch goods.

Arundel Antique buy directly from you therefore you avoid letting auctioneers take a slice of the pie (50% overall in most cases).

All transactions are confidential so you will be spared the anxieties associated with posting personal information over the internet.

Free Identification and Appraisals Service

Have you inherited pieces and find that you have nether the time nor the inclination to research them ? If this is the case you are invited to send us any number of images. We will in turn identify and evaluate what we are shown. You will also receive a valuation/offer with the option to sell directly to Sussex Antiques

Arundel Antique answer all e-mail inquiries within seven hours of your sending them.

Arundel Antique are enthusiastic spenders eager to provide their investors and collectors with exciting fresh goods.

Bijouterie is our passion. We pride our selves on being able to identify and value items from all periods. Send an email to us containing some images and you will in turn receive a free valuation /offer with an obligation free option of selling directly to

Badges,Buttons and Brooches Required!

Take these very simple steps to obtain an immediate price for your assortment
(suggested shipment size 10-50 items).

To get started: Sort out any Badges, Buttons and Brooches that you wish to sell.

To increase your likely returns you may also wish to gather up and include any early coins, rings, costume and other Jewellery.

Condition is not always important. We will pay for everything we can use.

Why leave valuables gathering dust in your drawer when such items could become the target of the dishonest ?

Watches, charms, insignia,fobs,seals, advertising Badges,crucifixes, bracelets,hat pins, chains, necklaces ,
Motor racing badges, sports badges, masonic badges, enamel Badges,netsuke,Medals, War badges, pendants,
Railway badges, Bangles, cuff links etc. The list is open ended.

Once you have gathered together your pieces, photograph the grouping as one lot. Send the image to us at We will make and you an immediate offer for what is shown in the picture.
If you then wish to sell, send a message of acceptance to

Payment will then be credited into your “paypal” account.

Step Two: Separate the objects in layers of bubble wrap or paper to prepare them for posting.

Find a box or acquire one from your local Post Office. These boxes and jiffy bags are reasonably priced.

Place your items in the container and secure this with tape. Include a note reminding us of your details.

Address the box to:

Arundel Antiques Market LTD
18 High Street
West Sussex

You are now two steps closer to releasing your payment.

Final Stage: Visit your Post Office with your package and hand it via the hatch to the Postal staff.
Describe as “assorted costume pieces”.

Most of our customers use special/tracked delivery which includes some FREE Insurance.

Additional insurance can be purchased when appropriate (for important collections).

Once your package is surrendered to the Post Office remember to save your receipts.

Relax. Your payment will be released by “Paypal” Once we have signed for your package.

Selling has never been easier!

  • 1796 Pattern British Light and Heavy Cavalry Sabre wanted
  • 1798 Pattern officers sword wanted
  • Buyers of Medieval Swords
  • Scottish Swords and Dirks always required
  •  Mortuary Hilted Swords purchased
  • Indo-Persian Damascus Weapons wanted Kards,Tulwars, Shamshirs, etc.
  • Enthusiastic buyer of Turkish Swords & Armour
  •  Cossack Swords & Daggers, 1700-1945 wanted
  • Buyers of Edged weapons  to the disbanded Irish Regiments, Dublin Fusiliers, Munster Fusiliers, Connaught Rangers, Royal Irish Regiment, Leinsters, Inniskillings, militia swords.
  • Top Buyer of 19th century European dueling sabres.
  • Eastern Powder Flasks & Horns wanted (Persian, Turkish, etc.)
  • Imperial Russian/Cossack/Georgian Shashkas in good Condition
  • I buy Indian Weapons. Chakram, Bagh-naghk, Pata and Màdu
  • Hungarian Swords (pre 1880’s) powder flasks, ornate saddles, etc.
  • Islamic arms and armour required (swords, spears, shields)
  •  Highland Basket-hilts wanted
  • Nazi Swords and Daggers purchased
  •  Caucasian Guns Required
  • Napoleonic (1st Empire) Swords wanted
  •  Forestry Daggers required
  • Buyers of Nazi Gorgets
  • we wish to acquire Pistols and Accoutrements by Mortimer
  • I buy Scottish Sgian Dubhs
  • Original Imperial Period Kuban Cossack Papakha Hatsrequired
  • I will buy Caucasian Kindjal BeltsWHY