Antiques Valuation Days

We are one of the few remaining high street antiques shops left in Sussex.

In  the modern consumer savy world of the internet we have to offer something extra to attract vendors wishing to fully capitalise on the sale of their belongings.

 Buyers who are spoilt for choice on line have to be  moved to select something from our collection.

Our services are not the predictable instant fix experienced by on line sellers on auction sites like Ebay .

What we offer is a venue where good antiques and interesting historic collectors items can be displayed and offered for sale at retail prices.

Amongst the thousands of Holiday visitors attracted to Arundel are always some wealthy and receptive buyers.

Buyers who may be holidaying or visiting such events as the festival of speed or perhaps The Goodwood revival.

Purchases made during such events are often spontaneous. they will represent a souvenir or memento which marks the occasion .