. Sell Antiques In Arundel

“Antiques & Militaria” is Arundel’s prominent high street store..

We specialise in  selling your high end antiques,watches, jewellery and collectors pieces on consignment.

Our Service is supported by experienced sales staff who know how to sell antiques in Arundel West Sussex.

We deduct  no commission from your agreed sale price and hope to return you up to 50% more than recorded prices achieved at local auctions for the similar pieces .

You are  being offered the opportunity to sell in a retail environment, this may suite you if you have experienced disappointing service and results from our local auctioneers.

How the process works for those who wish to sell Antiques in Arundel.

Firstly contact David Mattey and discusses the items you wish to sell.

We shall display your Antiques in our busy store  at a with your agreed price to which we add a variable margin. Any discount given will be deducted from our commission only. 

Once the items are sold you can collect payment in cash or receive it by cheque or through  bank transfer.


You have absolute control over the fate of your possessions insurance figures are agreed for each individual piece .


For the most part we wish to attract individual items of £600 minimum value.

Call for more details of this and our other sevices on 07860747027