Art Galleries In Arundel

We are happy to announce some changes to our Arundel high street premises. We have now divided the store into three dedicated areas .The front section of the shop has been cleared of cabinets to provide gallery space

Never before has the requirement for Antiques dealers been greater.

                                                                                                 carl jutz


With the migration of virtually every business from the high street to the internet consumers are left bemused .


Elderly folk do not take kindly to ringing telephone numbers only to be answered by Robots, Muzak ,or  well meaning foreign sounding voices.


A genuine store based dealer will in most cases  earn his commission whilst providing the consumer with a better price than might be achieved at auction.


Trust in traditional Favourites such as local auctioneers has fallen despite the  weekly output of misleading “Antique flog it  road trip shows ” which paint are whiter than white picture of them.




Ebay failed as an Auction site? by far the greater majority of listings are “buy it now” =classified adds.

How can a dealer help.

1) Dealers  no nothing but the trade and how to achieve the best prices within any time frame .

2) Dealers have receptive customers who trust their eye. Such customers

will buy from a favoured dealer but would not risk buying on line from a stranger,