Militaria auctioneers cling on for their lives

This market remains very strong?

The following U.K.  auction report is complete as published and has been lifted from the net in it’s entirety  ??

(It was discovered in a search entitled “Militaria Dealers”? The first deception given that an auctioneer  is an agent rather than a Dealers)

Notation in italics have been penned by myself . 

Collectors are now able to find their favourite pieces at our specialist auctions and we often sell lots for well above their retail value.

( A wild claim which would be impossible to substantiate. There are no limits retail pricing on militaria and no published records of all retail prices achieved )

We have always had a keen interest in this subject, which is not every auctioneer’s cup of tea. ( there must be a correlation between items which are in demand and the interest of the agent.

(Any party claiming 45% of an items sale price will have interest in popular lines )

 As a result, with our expert knowledge,

(Ability to see and to use Google)

we are able to quickly research and value lots placing them in our regular specialist auctions.

With a loyal following too from bidders around the world, and especially from one particular Russian internet bidder, we achieve some exceptional prices such as a 19th century presentation Shamshir sword, which we sold for £12,500.

( Any U.K. Dealer Would Have Paid £10,000-£15,000 directly had the vendor approached them directly ,The poor buyer had to pay 25% buyers premium on top so he realy paid £15,500  £3000 more with the VAT added )

All of our auctions use live internet bidding platforms to ensure that every lot, whether it is worth £20 or £500,000, reaches the widest possible market and sells for the best price possible.

( Auctions are irreplaceable when selling items of £500, value such as Old Master Paintings and Classic cars .

Mysterious overseas bidders are a romantic headline grabber.

In truth most lots sell for under

£1000 or even under £100 to local dealers who In turn endeavour to re market them .)

the run up to an auction we receive 100’s of emails requesting further information for lots in the sale. Attached to these email replies, we regularly send well over 1,000 digital images, (Unnecessary use of a number )  such is the huge interest generated in our auctions. (By Our Auctions )

A 19th century presentation Shamshir sword, sold for £12,500

A Third Reich Diplomatic Officers Dagger, sold for £1,700 ( Possibly a government official’s Dagger rather than Diplomats dagger .Diplomat’s Daggers start at £3,500 I have handled three examples )

A Pepperbox Revolver, sold for £850

( The Poor Buyer Paid 25% Buyers Premium on the Hammer Price  )

For further information regarding this article, or to consign an item to auction, please contact Charterhouse auctions who is particularly interested in all things