Antiques appraisal days in west sussex

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Arundel Antique invite all interested parties to participate in our exciting Antique appraisal events.

These events have been coordinated to bring expertise to all those within reach on Arundel West Sussex and beyond .

If you are unable to attend on the selected days feel free to make contact with an email addressed to



Our Store In Arundel

Weather you are purely curios to know more about what you have ,or you have made the decision to sell, our advice and expertise is delivered free of charge.


Those of you with antiques acquired from family members may be interested to learn that the values of  artifacts can greatly increase when sold with a period paperwork. For example a Polynesian War Club of typical gun st0ck form might carry an estimate of £2000-£3000 however with a period letter stating how the club was acquired such an item will sell for up to five times £10,000 Collectors and professional academic researchers alike are always eager to pay a premium for items with Family “provenance”.

Arundel Antique Buyers have been represented at many of the U.K.’s Antiques Fairs over the years .MD David Mattey has appeared on countless television shows such as

” Celebrity Bargain Hunt”

We know many of UK’s dealers and a good host of  collectors.

Arundel Antiques Buyers run ten dedicated buying websites we have acquired a trusted trading relationship with scores of collectors from all around the World.

 Our stock is often vetted independently before being offered to collectors .

Our customers pay a premium for 100% guaranteed original antiques .

we can therefor justifiably boast that we can and will pay you more !