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Sussex Auctioneers? Is There still a place for Sussex Auctioneers ? Yes In the case of deceased estates auctioneers still have an irreplaceable function. If however you are lucid and still able to make decisions you may wish to consider an alternative way to sell. Traditionally Antiques Dealers had been viewed with enthusiastic distrust by British Society long before the internet arrived. Many quick thinking “Entrepreneurs” therefore have joined the supposedly respectable ranks of the auctioneer. The opportunities for sharp practice however were greater for the career criminal who adopted the socially respected “Profession”of Auctioneer ?. Antique Shops vanished from the high street while television programs perpetuated the Auction myth by screening the sale of items selling to the supposed surprise of both vendor and Auctioneer. Great television ! but a less than balanced message is conveyed . ARUNDEL ANTIQUE BUYERS offer a service . If you have fine antiques which you are planning to sell. Contact us. We will research the recorded price of similar or identical pieces and bring to your attention our findings. We Will Then House And Attempt To Sell On Your Behalf At Higher Than The Recorded Value In A High Street Retail Situation. You No Longer Have To Lose 40% To Your Local Auctioneer! WE RETURN YOU YOUR TOTAL EXPECTED PRICE ADDING A VARIABLE RETAIL MARGIN ON TOP FOR OURSELVES

  Welcome to the Arundel antique We pay 100% auctioneer’s agreed reserves immediately for all required items. no commission. no waiting. no disappointment.   Before you surrender 40+% of  your heirlooms value to auctioneers , call us for the best free advise on...

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