Why Not To Sell Jewellery at auction ??

David Mattey

David Mattey is a highly experienced buyer of 19th-20th century jewellery and silver, together with medals and coins ..

If you visit a high street jewellers to sell items which you have inherited please be warned that .

You will be lucky to receive only the break value. This equates to the  component value of stones & precious metals at their scrap price.

Selling at auction is NO better an option ?

Why ? 

Firstly because the vast majority of jewellery sold at auction is acquired by the trade, who generally wish to buy at break price!

Secondly adding insult to injury almost 50% of the total paid by the buyer will be lost to the auction in deductions because of the questionable  practice of charging both buyer and seller..

Yes if a an online bidder pays his bill from the auction house of say £200 you the buyer will only see half .

In defence of the auctioneers VAT is included in the 50% you will loose.

Is there an alternative place to sell?


I for one believe there is.

By visiting our Arundel store

“Antiques & militaria”

At 18 High Street Arundel

West Sussex BN18-9AB.

Sellers will receive an entirely different reception .

We buy items with the intention of re selling them to receptive buyers from around the world . Only buyers with a specific objective would enter a jewellers shop as most are not geared up for the casual browser.

At our high street store we enjoy the cross over sales denied by the dedicated jewellers shop.

In the summer season couples are together rather than at their respective places of work, typically this is when we sell many chains and rings .

On the run up to the festive season Arundel hosts it’s candle lit event which attracts thousands of shoppers who become acquainted with our totally diverse stock.

Most importantly we offer to purchase directly with immediate online bank transfer or for goods below £500 in value we pay cash by arrangement , Vendors are required to supply proof of their identity and sign for the transfer of property so please be sure to bring some current form of identification..

Call David today for an

appointment or some free advice.

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