Why loose 45% of the value of your collection to auctioneers in commission fees?

When they  auction your antique weapons invariably they sell to specialists  like us ?


Why not come direct to us and you almost certainly will get a
better price for the same item, without having to wait to get paid.

Arundel Antiques

David Mattey  has been trading in “Militaria”  since 1978.

Old Guns Wanted. Old Swords Wanted.
When we buy directly from your items and you will get paid the same day.

Auctioneers will normally pay you nothing at all for your items upfront.
They rely on people just like us, to buy your antique weapons, and you will then get paid later.
Please phone or email to discuss any object you might be thinking of selling.

Cap Badge Collections

We are currently looking to purchase the following specific items for clients:

cop-hilt Rapiers
All antique handguns and especially the following items;
Guns and pistols made in Maastricht. Spanish, German or Dutch cup-hilt and swept-hilt Rapiers.  Dutch

and Dutch wheel-lock rifles.
Bronze cannon barrels. Any flintlock or percussion pistols made in Berlin or Dusseldorf. German pistols and rifles made by Tanner, Stormer, Krause, Mantz, Drechsler.
Weapons marked E.I.G. or E.I.C.

All cased pistols, especially cased Flintlock duelling pistols. French military weapons. German percussion and flintlock rifles.

Matching European breast plate and back plates.
Cased pairs of flintlock & percussion pistols wanted.
Knife pistols marked “Unwin and Rodgers” Sheffield.

Any “Kerrs patent” revolvers, cased or uncased. All revolvers in .577 calibre. Any fine quality Indian, Balkan, Turkish or Russian  weapons.

English marked revolvers by Le-Mat. Any Miquelet or Snaphaunce pistols.
Any multi-shot pistols.

All Chinese weapons especially swords from the Boxer rebellion. Any combination weapons especially sword-pistols.

Early Scottish dirks and shields. Scottish basket hilted swords. Double barrelled flintlock sporting guns by Mortimer, Joseph Egg, John or Joseph Manton.

“Webley Longspur” revolvers.  All miniature arms. Any profusely decorated weapons especially pistols inlaid with Gold or silver.

.451 calibre rifles made by Thomas Turner and The Whitworth Rifle Company.

Brown- Bess musket with a 46 inch barrel. Jade handled weapons.

Native American items including any quill work or beadwork items ie. head-dress, knife scabbards, Tomahawks, quivers, shields, moccasins.

Scottish all steel Flintlock belt pistols. All Danish and Norwegian weapons. Any unusual African swords, shields daggers & artefacts.

Mail-Coach blunderbuss. British military Flintlock Padget carbine.  South Sea wooden clubs.

Fijian weapons and carved objects.

Japanese Matchlock rifles swords and pistols. Any Swiss weapons. Helmets and armour.

All bowie knives especially knives made by Joseph Rodgers.

Napoleonic period Baker flintlock rifle with or without bayonet.

World War I and II – German & Japanese souvenirs brought back by allied service-men.

Spanish Ripoll belt pistols. Naval swords especially with Silver hilts. British 1796 pattern Heavy cavalry sabre (disc hilt).

North American Indian trade weapons, peace pipes, tomahawks. 18th century American powder horns engraved with maps.

1805 Napoleonic naval boarding cutlasses.  Any Albanian, Greek, Turkish weapons especially with silver mounts.

All Napoleonic period weapons. Any unusual Naval weapons
especially if named to known officers.
Ottoman/ Persian steel recurved bows. Turkish armour & Quivers.

Any genuine Roman or Greek weapon, armour, etc.

Good quality English sporting guns especially guns made by William, Charles and Samuel Smith.

Revolvers made by Samuel Colt, Starr, Smith & Wesson and Remington
in either Percussion system or Rim-fire.